Biological Features and Distribution of Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis Forsskal, 1775) in Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon Systems, Vietnam.

 Nội dung tóm tắt: The study aimed to investigate biological characteristics and distribution of a new fish species Giant trevally ( Caranx iginoblis ) in Tam Giang-Cau Hai lagoon systems and preliminarily discover the reproductive abilities of a migration species from sea into lagoon. Results showed that the species appeared in the lagoon since 2005 and farmers started raising by cages at Tu Hien estuary and Loc Binh area for well-growing and a best market to consumers. There were distributed of the fingerlings from sea into lagoon from October to December though inlets, so fishermen can collect every year by bottom nets and enclosed net. Fish heads are growing a faster than other species, but not sustainable development of the culture model. Besides, wild fish also can be collected by fishmen at inlets with the bigger of averaged body weight 1.99 ± 1.22 kg and length 45.66 ± 17.56 cm. The species are big mouth and contained sharp teeth. There are flat body and head length, pectoral fin rays, dorsal and anal yellow, gray dorsal, and ventral surface is silver white. They adapted in water environmental conditions of pH (7.1-8.5), dissolved oxygen (DO) (2.7-4.5 mg/L), salinity (17.0‰-33.3‰) and temperatures (16.8-32.5 °C). The reproductive performance of 50 fish samples, which were detected on mature female fish and male fish for eggs or spermatorrhoea, respectively, was investigated. Results of slices on gonads in stages I, II and III showed that the germplasm is a special source of valuable genes of the species and local aquatic resources.

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 Tác giả: Nguyễn Quang Linh, Trần Vinh Phương, Lê Như Phương, Hoàng Thị Vân Anh

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 Đăng tại: Journal of Environmental Review and Crtical

 Tập, (số), trang: Tập 5 (2015), 5, 540-553


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