The Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University organized the scientific seminar in October 2019

On October17th 2019, the scientific seminar on “Probiotics: The biological control agents in aquaculture” was held in the […]

Weak spot in pathogenic bacteria

Antibiotics are still the most important weapon for combatting bacterial infections. But medical science is running out of […]

How the influenza virus achieves efficient viral RNA replication

New insights on how subunits of the influenza virus polymerase co-evolve to ensure efficient viral RNA replication are […]

Air Pollution May Damage People’s Brains

The University of Montana neuropathologist, Lilian Calderón-Garcidueñas, had been studying the brains as part of her research on […]

Announcement of the Seminar report in October 2019

Seminar topic: “Probiotics: The biological control agents in aquaculture” * Time: 15:30 on Thursday, October 17th 2019 * […]