Office of Science, Training and International Cooperation

Dr. Nguyen Duc Huy

Head of Office
Telephone number: +84 234 3819335
                               +84 916 066 357


1. Functions

The Office of Science, Training and International Cooperation is responsible for advising and assisting the Director in managing, implementing and taking charge of the Institute’s scientific research, training and international cooperation activities.

2. Tasks

2.1. Scientific research and training

– To assume the prime responsibility for elaborating, deploying and reporting on the results of implementation of long-term, medium-term and annual strategies and plans; programs and projects on scientific research, application of technical advances, formulation of national standards and technical regulations, international cooperation, training and information of the Institute;

– Assume the prime responsibility for elaborating and submitting to the Institute directors regulations, regulations and forms in service of the scientific and technological management work of the Institute;

– To assume the prime responsibility for monitoring, inspecting and evaluating, organizing the take-over test and reporting on the performance of tasks / projects on scientific research, environment and assay;

– To participate in the implementation, development and implementation of national and provincial research projects and applications at the national, provincial, domestic and foreign projects in the field of biotechnology, agriculture and related fields;

– To submit to the Director the annual scientific research tasks;

– Managing and archiving records of research projects, tasks and projects;

– Standing Council of Science and Training, participating in the Initiative Council of the Institute;

– Manage, organize training courses, science and technology training programs implemented by the Institute;

– Manage and exploit the Institute’s information infrastructure including intranets, servers, Websites, email and libraries;

– Participating in organizing conferences, scientific seminars, exhibitions, fairs in and outside the country;

– Preside editing, publishing publications, introduction of scientific products, training of the Institute; supporting the publication of scientific research results in journals;

– Associate with enterprises, technology transfer and incubation centers, units inside and outside the Institute to transfer the products of scientific research;

– Perform other tasks assigned by the Director.

2.2. International cooperation

– Guide to registration of technical advances, intellectual property rights, solutions of scientific research of the Institute; to promote scientific research activities and cooperation with domestic and foreign units; develop programs, organize reception and work with international delegations to work with the Institute;

– Studying and proposing international training programs and high quality;

– Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinating with concerned units in, the participation in, and elaboration of, key projects in biotechnology, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture at home and abroad; to set up and organize classes for international and high-quality training programs;

– Coordinate, participate in organization and management of training courses in foreign languages;

– Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinating with concerned units in, formulating and organizing the implementation of short-term training courses according to regulations;

– Being the contact point for the International Cooperation Department, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Embassies and the representative offices of countries, to decide to send officials to train and work overseas;

– Actively contact, select appropriate partners, organize and implement international projects for training and scientific research;

– Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinating with concerned units in, implementing technical assistance projects; to receive and exploit aid; organizing training courses, conferences, international seminars.


No. Name Degree Position Phone number Email
1 Nguyen Duc Huy Dr. Head of office    +84 916 066 357
2 Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu Dr. Expert +84 905 635 726
3 Nguyen Thi Dieu The MSc Expert +84 327 233 507
4 Nguyen Thi Thu Thao Engineer Expert +84 392 663 124