Laboratory of Cells

Dr. Dang Thanh Long

Head of laboratory

Phone number: (+84) 0914 207 992


No. Full name Degree Position Phone number E-mail
1 Dang Thanh Long Doctor Head of laboratory 0914207992
2 Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc Doctor Lecturer 0943112476
3 Nguyen Thi Diem Master  Researcher 0326581012
4 Nguyen Thi Oanh Bachelor  Researcher 0973530506
5 Nguyen Van Phu Master Researcher 0326817642


Laboratory of cells has function in cooperated graduated and post-graduated program, researches, consults and transfers in the fields cell biology, herbal mushroom and microalgae


  • Preservation genetic source of valuable herbs; invitro propagation of valuable plants for commercial purpose.
  • Culture of plant cells in bioreactor for extraction of secondary metabolite.
  • Screening and Selection of stress-tolerance and disease-free plant varieties.
  • Production of  algae biomass for functional food, animal feed and fish feed.
  • Production of bioactive compounds from plant and microalgae.
  • Mechanism of biosynthesis regulation of bioactive compounds from plant and microalgae.
  • Mechanism of action of bioactive compounds from herbal plant and microalgae on animal cells.
  • Production of functional medicine for antiaging, antidiabetic, anticancer from herbal plant and mushroom, microalgae.
  • Research and produce health support products from medicinal mushrooms.


5.1. Research Grant

  1. Optimal growth culture condition to produce Antler-type Ganoderma lucidum. Grant holder: Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University.
  2. Procedure to produce biomass of Skeletonema costatum in Thua Thien Hue/ DP-DTTTH.2016-KC.05. Grant holder: Thua Thien Hue province.
  3. Investigation of new bioactive compounds from green algae Anabaena and Nostoc isolated in Vietnam. Grant holder:
  4. Application of science and technology in sexual breeding to improve seedling of Ngoc Linh ginseng in Nam Tra My District, Quang Nam province. Grant holder: Nam Tra My District.
  5. Investigation species and proposed development model to grow Amomum in Thua Thien Hue. Grant holder: Thua Thien Hue province.
  6. Study on applying molecular indicator to diagnose septicemia disease caused by Pasteurella multocida and P. haemolytica on Phan Rang sheep/ CT-2021-01-DHH-02

5.2. Publications

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5.3. Products and Services

  • Collection of microalgae strains of diatom, and Cyanobacteria.
  • Providing algae varieties.
  • Providing in vitro seedlings of plant kinds: medicinal plant, rose, orchid and industrial plant.
  • Providing short-term training courses on in vitro cultivation of plants, isolation and microalgae culture…
  • Providing process of producing organic media from agricultural residues.
  • Providing process of organic melon (Cucumis melo L.) production.
  • Providing the production process of straw mushroom, abalone mushroom, lingzhi mushroom…
  • Providing process of in vitro orchid production process without air conditioning room.