Office for Personnel and Administration

Dr. Nguyen Tien Long

Head of office

Main Lecturer

Phone number: (+84) 0914 415 198



To advise and assist the director in general activities of the Institute. Organizing, staffing, administration, clerical, archiving, emulation, internal, foreign affairs, ceremonial reception, propaganda, policy work, social insurance, material facilities management, planning, finance – accounting, security and order, property protection, environmental landscape, health work, sanitation, … of the whole Institute.


3.1. Organizational structure, personnel

– To manage and guide the implementation of policies, salaries, wages, allowances, social insurance and health insurance.

– Manage personnel records, social insurance books of employees – labor; update and manage employee information – labor.

3.2. Aggregate work

– Make weekly, monthly, semester and year plans; monthly reports, semesters, school year, other reports required by the Institute and Hue University.

– Preparation of contents for the annual meetings of the staff-labor conference, summation conferences and summaries of the school year; Secretary of meetings, working sessions of the Institute’s leaders.

– Monitoring and doing well information work between the Institute and its units, between the Institute and higher levels and other institutions outside the Institute.

– Coordinate activities with the Youth Union.

3.3. Emulation and commendation work

– To advise the Director on the implementation of the Law on Emulation and Reward and guiding documents.

– To advise the Institute leaders on standards, criteria, plans and programs for emulation movements.

– To receive and process dossiers for consideration of emulation and reward titles, feedback opinions and proposals on emulation work in service of the emulation meetings of the Institute.

– To complete the dossiers and documents so that the directors may decide to commend or propose competent authorities to recognize emulation titles and commendation forms for collectives and individuals.

3.4. Clerical work, archives, legislation

– Advising on the issuance of documents of the Institute in accordance with the functions and tasks of the Chamber including: regulations, plans, official documents, work programs, notices, information convened, guide the organization work.

– To issue papers of introduction, travel papers for officials under the authorization of directors.

– Copy documents issued by the Institute; Copy the documents to serve the activities of the Institute.

– Confirm the signature of the officer – labor in the authorized documents.

– To monitor, manage and put into official books to submit to the director, to send official dispatches to functional units and individuals for implementation; To monitor and report to the leaders of the Institute on the handling of documents and work of the units.

– Check the formalities and legality of the dispatch; browse, sign, duplicate the correct number, log book and send the dispatch.

– Carrying out the accurate, scientific archive, full dispatch; periodically filing, putting into storage, storing and serving promptly and accurately for the exploitation of documents.

– Preserve and use the seal of the Institute and other official documents, papers in accordance with regulations, ensure the principles of state security.

3.5. Management, distribution of letters and contact information

– To receive, preserve and transfer official letters, documents, letters, postal matters, telegrams… to the right address, accurately and promptly.

– To make communication work from the Institute to the units, individuals and vice versa; between the Institute and other agencies and units outside the Institute.

3.6. Receptionist work

– Focal point for organizing memorial activities, major events of the Institute; In charge of rituals, ceremonies, decorations for large activities of the Institute.

– Prepare and conduct guest visits to visit and work with the Institute; to set up guest reception and reception regime suitable to each subject.

– Asset management of the Chamber is equipped by the Institute, the properties of the working room of the Board of Directors, the meeting room, the reception room, the Hall and the Institute equipment assigned to the Management.

– Duplicate documents, organizations for meetings, conferences, activities, events of the Institute.

3.7. Financial planning work

– To develop and implement long-term, medium-term and short-term financial plans in service of the Institute’s development strategy.

– Make estimate, monitor the implementation of estimates and management of annual financial sources and payments of the Institute according to current regulations.

3.8. Finance – Accounting

– Performing the accounting work in accordance with the current accounting regime and managing and monitoring investment in facilities.

– Carrying out payroll, remuneration, other remuneration and managing, monitoring and finalizing personal income tax.

– Implementing the control of records, vouchers, monitoring the source of funds, payment, withdrawal of funds at the treasury and management, implementation of monitoring scientific research.

– Implement, monitor unit budgets, manage revenue sources from short-term activities, conferences, seminars, donations, and accounting for cash and debt payments.

– To collect money, manage revenues from domestic linkages, other revenues, manage, print, distribute and settle the receipts and work of accounting for supplies and assets.

– To collect money, manage revenues from foreign affiliated activities and other revenues, and manage and carry out accounting operations of the Institute.

3.9. Management of facilities and equipment

– To set standards and norms for the use of equipment in service of work and teaching according to regulations;

– To manage the operation, maintenance, repair, technical infrastructure system: electricity, water supply and drainage system, telephone, sound system … to ensure the operation of the Institute.

– Manage and use effectively the facilities and facilities.

– Implement the asset management, guide the inventory of assets in the unit; periodic asset wear; To propose the liquidation of assets according to regulations.

3.10. To monitor the implementation of security and order protection at agencies and units

3.11. Perform other tasks assigned by the Board of Management.


No. Full name Degree Major Position Phone number E-mail


Nguyen Tien Long


Crop Science

Head of office; Main Lecturer 0914415198


Nguyen Minh Tuan


Economic management; Accountant; Corporate accounting

Team leader of Planning and Finance 0914126066


Nguyen Thi Nhu Anh


English language

Team leader of General Administration 0915956661


Tran Thi Tu


Environmental Science

Offical; Party and Union Work Support Officer 0397687210; 0984775805


Dang Van Thao


Agricultural economy

Contract labour 0944234555


Tran Thi Bich Lien


Corporate accounting

Contract labour 0914479787


Le Anh Tu


Corporate accounting

Contract labour 0935203734


Tran Thi Huong Tra

Contract labour 0975248387  


Le Van Luan

Contract labour 0766517536