This microbe no longer needs to eat food to grow, thanks to a bit of genetic engineering

Synthetic biologists have performed a biochemical switcheroo. They’ve re-engineered a bacterium that normally eats a diet of simple […]

Anti-Aging Discovery Could Lead to Restorative Skin Treatments

Despite a multi-billion-dollar skin care industry and plenty of marketing claims, nothing exists that can prevent our skin […]

Announcement of the Seminar report in December 2019

Seminar topic: “In vitro propagation of Adenosma indianum (Lour.) Merr” * Time: 15:30 on Friday, December 13rd 2019 […]

Unlocking the biochemical treasure chest within microbes

Secondary metabolites — the compounds produced by microbes to mediate internal and external messaging, self-defense, and chemical warfare […]

Bacteria may contribute more to climate change as planet heats up

As bacteria adapt to hotter temperatures, they speed up their respiration rate and release more carbon, potentially accelerating climate change.