The scientific seminar of PhD student

On January 3rd 2020, Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University (HUIB) organized a scientific seminar for PhD student studying at the Institute. The PhD student of the first course Ngo Thi Diem My presented the initial research results in the doctoral dissertation: “Identification of species composition and the ability to produce cylindrospermopsin toxin of Cyanobacteria in some water bodies in Dak Lak”. The scientific seminar was attended by staffs and graduate students of HUIB.

At the seminar, PhD student Ngo Thi Diem My presented the results about identification of species composition of Cyanobacteria in EaNhai lake, Buon Phong lake, Dak Lak province. PhD student My has also successfully isolated and cultured a number of Cyanobacteria that ability to produce cylindrospermopsin. This is an important basis for the PhD student continues conducting the next research contents. At the same time, these results are also a stepping stone to evaluate the fluctuation in quantity, species composition and cylindrospermopsin content of Cyanobacteria that supporting to find out correlation with environmental factors for contamination prediction of this toxin.  

Scientists attended the seminar have exchanged, discussed and commented on research method to help PhD student Ngo Thi Diem My continues successfully completing her doctoral dissertation.

PhD student. Ngo Thi Diem My presenting at the seminar