Program “approaching profession” at Institute of Biotechnology – Hue University

In 2 days, October 24-25, 2016, nearly 250 students majoring in Veterinary Medicine, University of Agriculture and Forestry – Hue University visited and studied at the Institute of Biotechnology – Hue University within the framework of the “vocational access” program.

“Vocational access” is an activity to help students access careers at employment agencies to help students have career orientation and proactively meet the requirements that employers need after graduation. Karma. This is an activity in the training program of Nong Lam University for 2nd year students. During the visit and study at the Institute of Biotechnology, students were given maximum support to get the best results from the “vocational approach” activities of Veterinary students. Students were introduced by researchers of the Institute of Biotechnology about the Institute’s activities and research directions; learn the operation of the system of laboratories, the principles of safety when working in the laboratory; Visiting the production model of the Institute…

Students visit lab activities