National foundation for science & technology development (NAFOSTED) sponsored for the research project of Dr. Nguyen Duc Huy, the Institute of Biotechnology

November 9th 2018, the National Foundation for Science & Technology Development (NAFOSTED) signed the decision No 192/QĐ-HĐQL-NAFOSTED approved to grant for 146 basic research topics in natural sciences and engineering, including the project title “Investigation the role of Fusarium oxysporum laccase system in response to the synthetic dyes and characterization of some recombinant key laccases” led by PhD. Nguyen Duc Huy, deputy director, Head of Department of Microbiology technology.

The project will investigate the role of laccase-coding genes of Fusarium oxysporum in stress conditions of synthetic dyes; through it, find out the mechanism and solutions for synthetic dyes treatment in wastewater. In addition, the project also focuses on recombinant laccase expression in the heterologous host for the production and application of recombinant enzymes.

The project is expected to be completed in 36 months and starting in December 2018