Hue University organized a graduate admission council in Biology for doctoral student in 2023

Pursuant to the Decision No. 38/QĐ-HĐTSSĐH dated December 29th, 2023 by Graduate Admission Council of Hue University on establishment of Specialized Sub-committees for admission of Doctoral and Pre-doctoral students in December under Graduate Admission Council of Hue University in 2023, on January 8th 2024, the Specialized Sub-committee of Doctoral students admission have conducted interview and evaluation for candidate Le Hoang Duy Minh who enrolled in Biology Doctoral Training Program, code: 9420101 at Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University according to Regulation on Doctoral Level Training of President of Hue University.

At the meeting, the secretary announced the evaluation requirements, then the Specialized Sub-committee evaluated the candidate through the candidate’s study result at Master level, scientific research achievements, professional activities, and letter of recommendation. After that, the candidate presented the main points in research proposal and research plan. The Specialized Sub-committee then questioned and commented for the candidate to support the candidate continue to complete the research proposal. At the end of the meeting, the Specialized Sub-committee concluded that candidate Le Hoang Duy Minh has met the requirements of the doctoral admission regulation.

Le Hoang Duy Minh presenting research proposal in front of Council