Dissertation information of PhD. candidate Sonexay Rasphone, major in Biology

Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University announces the dissertation information of PhD. candidate Sonexay Rasphone, specifically as follows:

Full name: Sonexay Rasphone

Dissertation title: Research on pepper varieties (Piper spp.) resistant to Meloidogyne incognita using molecular markers in Vietnam

Major: Biology

Code: 9420101

Supervisors: Assoc.Prof. Truong Thi Hong Hai, Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University

                        Dr. Nguyen Quang Co, Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University

Training institute: Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University.

Contributions of the dissertation:

1. Contribution in research and science

– Morphological and genetic characterisation of 39 pepper lines/varieties collected from black pepper cultivation areas in Vietnam.

– Identification of a SCAR marker (30 – 360F1R2) linked to M. incognita resistance in Piper spp.

– Characterisation of P. nigrum L. flowering and the possibility of hybridization between commercial varieties of P. nigrum L. and nematode resistant P. divaricatum.

2. Contribution in practice

– Identification of M. incognita resistant and waterlogging tolerant Piper spp.: P. hancei (HUIB_PH30) and P. divaricatum (HUIB_PD36).

– Generation of grafts between HUIB_PH30 – Vinh Linh black pepper and P. divaricatum HUIB_PD36. The grafts are viable, resistant to nematodes, thrive well in greenhouse conditions.

These materials are important for creating disease-resistant black pepper plants, which is vital for the sustainable development of the black pepper industry in Vietnam.

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