Acceptance at grassroots level of science and technology topic at Hue University

On July 26, 2018 Institute of Biotechnology held a meeting to evaluate and accept the grassroots level of the topic of Science and Technology of Hue University: “Research and manufacture inoculants to treat water environment in aquaculture, based on Nano Silver technology”. Code: DHH2016-14-03, by MSc. Phan Van Cu is the chair, the Institute of Biotechnology-Hue University is the lead agency. The project was carried out for 2 years (2016-2017).

At the meeting, all members of the council highly appreciated the content and quality of the work that the project team completed. The topic has contributed to training 3 aquaculture engineers; 01 article was published in Science journal Hue University; 01 technological process to produce silver nano solution and the process of using nano Silver to treat aquatic environment for high antibacterial effect, opening a new direction in treatment and improvement. Water environment contributes to the prevention and treatment of a number of aquatic diseases caused by bacteria, reducing economic losses for people in the province in general and nationwide in particular.