Conference on “Promotion of technology transfer and investment”

Belong to activities of “TECHDEMO Gia Lai 2019 – Event of demonstration, connection of supply – demand on […]

The Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University organized the scientific seminar in November 2019

On November 22th 2019, the scientific seminar on “Identification of toxic genes in Vibrio strains causing acute hepatopancreatic […]

RNA regulation is crucial for embryonic stem cell differentiation

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are distinguished by their dual ability to self-renew and their potential to differentiate, both […]

Announcement of the Seminar report in November 2019

Seminar topic: “Determining the presence of toxin genes in Vibrio strains causing acute hepatopancreatic necrosis in shrimp in […]

Nanoparticles awaken immune cells to fight cancer

Tiny nanoparticles, far smaller than the width of a human hair, might help the body’s own immune system […]