Protein that triggers plant defences to light stress identified

A newly discovered protein turns on plants’ cellular defence to excessive light and other stress factors caused by […]

The scientific seminar of PhD student

On January 3rd 2020, Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University (HUIB) organized a scientific seminar for PhD student studying […]

Announcement of the Seminar report for PhD student

Seminar topic: “The composition of Cyanobacteria has the potential to produce Cylindrospermopsin toxin” * Time: 15:30 on Friday, […]

New antibiotics target the outer membrane of bacteria

Antibiotic resistance is a growing global public-health problem. One group of bacteria, called Gram-negative bacteria, is particularly difficult […]

Institute of Biotechnology, Hue University attended the 2nd Vietnam Biological Conference

From 21st to 22nd December 2019, The 2nd Vietnam Biological Conference with topic “Research and cooperation orientation for […]