Grassroots Trade Union Congress of Institute of Biotechnology (First time, term 2015-2018)

On June 20, 2015, the grassroots trade union of the Institute of Biotechnology held the first Congress of the Institute of Biotechnology, the first term, term 2015-2018.

Attending the Congress were Master: Nguyen Duy Chinh- Standing Representative of Hue University Trade Union, Dr. Truong Quy Tung – Director of the Institute of Biotechnology – Secretary of the Party Committee of Hue University and Representatives of a number of communist colleges (Center for Technology Transfer and Technology, Publishing House…). At the Congress, Master Nguyen Duy Chinh gave insightful comments and directions for the process of building and developing the Institute’s Trade Union stronger and better.
The congress also elected a new term of the Executive Committee of the Institute, consisting of 3 comrades:
1. Address/Chairman Huynh Van Chuong
2. Address of Dang Thi Huong
3. Address of Le Cong Thinh