Production of NPRC10 protease by recombinant Escherichia coli through submerged culture in 40-L fermenter

 Summary: This work describes the production of neutral protease (NPRC10) by recombinant E. coli BL21 (DE3) through submerged culture in 40-L fermenter with working volume of 20 L. The parameters such as cell density, pH, inoculum size, and agitation speed were investigated for the production of enzyme. The results shown that the maximum production of NPRC10 was obtained after 34 h of batch fermentation at OD600 (cell density) of 2, inoculum size of 2% and agitation speed of 500 rpm with medium pH maintained at 7. The highest total activity of NPRC10 during the course of fermentation was approximately 76 unit/mL.

 Type: Non-ISI/SCOPUS listed journals with ISSB/ISBN

 Author: Nguyen Hoang Loc, Hoang Tan Quang, Do Van Giap

 Unit: Laboratory of Gene technology

 Journal:Annals of Biological Research (0976-1233)

 Issue, Number, Pages2, 6, 62-68


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 Year of publication: 2011

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