Use of Cf-9 Gene-based Markers in Marker-assisted Selection to Screen Tomato Cultivars with Resistance to Cladosporium fulvum

 Summary: Identification of the PCR markers tightly linked to genes that encode important agronomic traits is useful for markerassisted selection (MAS). The Cf-9 locus confers resistance to most races of the leaf mold fungus Cladosporium fulvum and belongs to a large gene family. We developed three gene-based markers (8F/10R, 8F/12R, and 10F/10R) from the Cf-9 gene sequence. Of the 101 tomato genotypes tested, 9 commercial F1 hybrids carried 8F/10R-, 8F/12R-, and 10F/10R-specific bands. Our results demonstrate the usefulness of these markers for MAS for C. fulvum resistance.

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 Author: Trương Thị Hồng Hải, , , ,

 Unit: Director board of Institute

 Journal:Horticulture Environment and Biotechnology

 Issue, Number, Pages52, 204-210


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 Year of publication: 2011

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