Evaluation of tomato germplasm in early spring-summer 2014 on sandy land at Thua Thien Hue

 Summary: In this study, twenty-five tomato accessions were evaluated for bio-agronomic characteristics and yield component in sandy lowland field in Spring-Summer 2014 at Thua Thien Hue. The purpose of this study is to identify accessions high yielding, good quality and resistant to insects and diseases adapting to field conditions and climate for inclusion of province crop system. The experiment was laid out in a CRD without replication. The plot size was 5m2 with 10 plants. The results showed that 18 accessions can grow under sandy lowland field at Thua Thien Hue. Bi ĐP, Bi lào, GC171, GC173, Bi to and CLN1621L had high percentage of fruit-set (60-84%). Bi ĐP, Bi lào, GC171, GC173, CH154, G43, CLN1621L and CLN5915 had highly resistance level to disease and insect. Accessions G9, G5, G80, CLN2001A, CLN1621L, and CLN5915, CLN2418A and CLN2037B had high yield and good quality and can be grown in Thua Thien Hue. These accessions need to be conducted another trials in different seasons to confirm their ability

 Type: Domestic

 Author: Trương Thị Hồng Hải, Trần Viết Thắng

 Unit: Director board of Institute

 Journal:Journal of Science - Hue University

 Issue, Number, Pages98, 10, 63-74


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 Year of publication: 2014

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