I. Name, function, task, organizational structure

1. Name

English: Laboratory Protein and Enzyme technology

2. Function and task

Based on the functions and duties of the Institute, the laboratory of Protein and Enzyme technology has the following functions and tasks:

Besides the research function, the lab will cooperate closely with the Institute and other member universities of Hue University so as to carry out training programs for students, trainees about biology and biotechnology.

          *Functions: To conduct scientific research, laboratory coordinate closely with other units in the Institute and other member universities of Hue University to perform the training programs for students about biotechnology and biotechnology, consultancy and orientation in the field of Protein and Enzyme technology.


– Focus on the implementation of basic scientific research and application in the field of Protein and Enzyme technology.

– Realizing university and postgraduate traineeships on Protein and Enzyme technology with universities inside and outside Hue University. Developing programs and participating in training technicians or short courses on Protein and Enzyme technology.

          * Research directions:

– Investigate, study the protein, enzyme derived from plants, microorganisms have potential application in drug and medicine.

– Detection and identification of proteins in humans and certain organisms in normal and pathological conditions (cancer, etc.) or stress (acid, oxidation)

– Develop and apply techniques, kits and biosensors to discover and diagnose a number of diseases or pathogens in humans, animals and plants and in aquaculture.

– Search, select and produce some enzymes and proteins that have many applications in molecular biology, medicine and agriculture.

– Develop probiotic and prebiotic products to support the treatment or prevention of some human, animal and plant diseases and in aquaculture (shrimp, fish, etc).

– Development of high-performance gene transfer / expression systems in plants, microorganisms, fungi and medicinal mushrooms for the production of enzymes/ proteins of economic value.

– Improve the characteristics and production of enzymes, application recombinant DNA technology into the product for the prevention and treatment of some diseases in humans, animals, plants and aquaculture.

– The protein and enzyme technology lab is a place to provide high-quality training and services on PCR, RT-PCR, genetic diversity, gene sequencing, cloning and gene expression. separation, purification, qualitative and quantitative analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, enzymes and other biologically active compounds.

3. Organizational structure

The organizational structure of the division is composed of manager and one deputy head (in the case of a development department of 9 persons or more) and 2-4 researchers (depending on the actual needs). In addition, the department will cooperate with other researchers inside and outside Hue University through collaborative staff.

Current staff list:

  Name Major Diploma Position
1 Dang Thanh Long Biology and Biotechnology Master, Ph.D student Manager
2 Hoang Tien Hai Nhi Food Technology Engineer Researcher

List of current coordinators:

  Name Major Diploma Work unit
1 Hoang Thi Kim Hong Biology and Biotechnology Assoc.Prof.


Faculty Biology of Hue University of Science
2 Nguyen Thi Truc Loan Food Technology Ph.D Faculty Chemical Engineering of  Danang University of Science and Technology
3 Nguyen Duc Chung Biotechnology Ph.D Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry