I. Functions and missions

1. Functions

Basic scientific research and application in the field of biotechnology; Development and application of base technologies to create valuable scientific products to contribute to social economic development; Incubation and technology transfer; Perform and provide scientific and technological services according to the needs of the society; Commercialization of products; Training and linking doctoral training in biology, biotechnology and related fields with units inside and outside Hue University to provide high-tech human resources.

2. Missions

– Scientific research;

– Technology incubation and transfer;

– Commercialization of products;

– Providing and supporting of consulting services in science and technology;

– Providing of services in science and technology;

– Activities of education and training;

– Inviting and signing contract of domestic and foreign experts and scientists;

– Manage and ensure the rights and interests of learners;

– Mobilizing, managing and using resources; building and strengthening material foundations, investing of equipment as decentralized by Hue University;

– Performing of other duties and powers that are assigned by Hue University and in accordance with the law.

III. Staff

– Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Truong Thi Hong Hai


           Phone: +84-234-3676505

– Staff

           Full-time staff: 5

           Part-time staff: 7