Board of Directors:

Assoc. Prof. Dr Truong Thi Hong Hai, Director

Tel: (+84)234.3676505; Email:


Tran Vinh Phuong; Msc

Tel: (+84)97.655.69.27


Nguyen Van Khanh; Msc

Tel: (+84)


Tran Thi Bach Thao
Tel: (+84)91.522.69.66


1. Administration Office: (Office, Planning, Finance, Organization, Human Resources, International Cooperation and Security). 01 staff (Tran Thi Bach Thao) and 2coordinations;

2. Technology Transfer: There are parts of the market and business of science and technology satellite. There are 3 people in which has 01 staff (Tran Vinh Phuong) and 2 coordinations with contracts and experts in part-time working from five satellite companies in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, environmental resources, biotechnology,…

3. Incubation and Life Sciences: There are 3 people in which has 01 staff (Nguyen Van Khanh) and 2 coordinations

4. Planting garden and green house systems: There was a green house about 300 m2 to experiment and incubation. There are 4 staffs and students for extraction, andgerminationtransplant


1. The center functions

* Research and Transfer:

Implement active scientific research and technological application of science and technology in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, pharmaceuticals, mining and natural resources and protect the environment, climate change adaptation, integration economic and tourism trade;

Research and technology incubators to create scientific products for socio-economic development of the country;

Incubation start businesses based on the commercial exploitation of research results by staff, faculty and students in and out of the Hue University;

Organizing the transfer of scientific and technical progress and technology transfer for the production units of the socio-economic composition different.

* Commercialization:

Link to the enterprise organization the production test results of research projects have the ability to create commercial products;

Provide scientific products to the market through the enterprise of science and technology, economic development services and social

* Consulting services:

Provide technical services consultancy survey, design, construction and installation of equipment and systems engineering;

Assist the member units of Hue University transfer and commercialization of products;

Organize Advocacy Center, and policy support to the local law.


Organize training short thematic, scientific conferences, exhibitions introducing new technologies in the field of Agriculture – Biochemical-Medicine;

Training of science and technology with high-level models to build vocational training for youth, women and other social strata;

Construction and development planning of human resources for science and technology regions and localities;

Training and development planning of agriculture, forestry and fisheries production, protecting natural resources and biodiversity

* Science, Technology Cooperation:

Transfer and receive technology from domestic and foreign units;

Receipt of international cooperation projects;

* Intellectual Property:

Promotion of services and establishment of intellectual property rights for individuals and organizations of Hue University.

2. Duties

Participating in charge of selecting the theme, the project of science and technology programs;

Link to companies, business establishments plan scientific research, technology transfer for production;

Signed contracts for scientific research, technology transfer units, the basis of social production;

Support policy, creating a legal framework, appropriate mechanisms; provide materials and information technology markets in order to create conditions for “nursery” and the enterprise of science and technology Sustainable development, operation convenient and efficient;

Organize short thematic serve to improve their knowledge, training technological innovation on the needs of society;

Provide scientific and technological services, mining and resource use, n resources for socio-economic development;

Develop and fund the development of scientific research and technology on the basis of policies and guidelines on science and technology development, and advising organizations and individuals borrowing scientific research.


Activity and research and development, pilot production and technology transfer;

Activity-consultants scientific and technological services;

Activity consulting and training;

Active cooperation with scientific research institutions and foreign science and technology;

Incubation of science and technology enterprise;

The service building human resources for science and technology development, human resource professions;

Planning and development of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, rural planning and population;


Study and apply scientific and technological subjects in the direction of applying to made products to commercialization;

Proceeding to register intellectual property and circulation of products in Vietnam;

Reproduction  marine and brackish water fish which species have high economic value (Rabbit fish, Terapon jarbua, seabream,…) and freshwater fish (rice field eel, frog, catfish, loach,…).

Products: Antibiotics, bio-probiotic for aquatic animal        


Nation (2014-2017): Exploitation and development of the gene source of the Rabbit fish (Siganus guttatus Bloch, 1787), Giant travelly (Caranx ignobilis Forsskål 1775), Jarbus terapon (Terapon jarbua Forsskål, 1775); Nguyen Quang Linh Prof

Ministry of Education and training (2016-2017): Rersearch of buiding up the reproduction and growing up Meretrix meretrix at Tam Giang – Cau Hai lagoon, Thua Thien Hue province. Tran Vinh Phuong, Master

Hue University (2015-2016): Study on maturity method and reproduction artifical of rice field eel Monopterus albus Zuiew, 1793)  in Thua Thien Hue province, Tran Vinh Phuong, Master;

Hue University (2015-2016): Rersearch of buiding up culture and process of Spirulina algae, Nguyen Van Khanh; Master;

Hue University (2016-2017): Research to make products  in aquaculture water treatmnet  based on silver nanoparticles, Phan Van Cu, Master


Tran Vinh Phuong, Nguyen Van Khanh, Pham Thi Hai Yen, Vo Dieu, Nguyen Van Huy. Effects of Foods on Maturity and Spawning Induction Methods on Ovulation of Rice Field Eel Monopterus albus (Zuiew, 1793) in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam. Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology A and B & Hue University Journal of Science, 2017.

Kieu Thi Huyen, Nguyen Quang Linh, Tran Vinh Phuong, Phan Thi Le Anh. Biological resources for Development of Aquaculture in Thi Nai Lagoon, Vietnam. Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology A and B & Hue University Journal of Science, 2017.

Tran Vinh Phuong, Nguyen Quang Linh, Le Thi Nhu Phuong, Hoang Thi Van anh. Biological Features and Distribution of Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis Forsskal, 1775) in Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon Systems, Vietnam. Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology A and B & Hue University Journal of Science 2015.

Nguyen Quang Linh, Le Thi Nhu Phuong. Study on Reproductive Performance of Terapon jarbua (Forsskal, 1775) in Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon Systems, Thua Thien Hue Province. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A 7 (2017) & Hue University Journal of Science 7 (2017)

Nguyen Quang Linh, Tran Thi Thiem. Effects of Bio-probiotic Betel Bokashi on Raising Pigs and Preventing Diarrhea in Young Piglets in Central Vietnam. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A 7 (2017) & Hue University Journal of Science 5 (2017)

Nguyen Van Khanh, Le Thi Tuyet Nhan, Nguyen Thi Diem, Phan Van Cu, Tran Quang Khanh Van, Ngo Thi Hoan, The Effects of Nutritional Media and Initial Cell Density on the Growth and Development of Spirulina platensis, Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A and B & Hue University Journal of Science 7 (2017)