1. Laboratory of Gene Technology

  • Production of biological products using recombinant DNA technology for agriculture.
  • Gene expression regulation in plant and microorganism.
  • Biodiversity of valuable genetic resources.
  • Conservation and propagation of valuable medicine plants.
  • Production of bioactive compounds based on plant cells tissue culture.

2. Laboratory of Cells

  • Preservation genetic source of valuable herbs; invitro propagation of valuable plants for commercial purpose.
  • Culture of plant cells in bioreactor for extraction of secondary metabolite.
  • Screening and Selection of stress-tolerance and disease-free plant varieties.
  • Production of algae biomass for functional food, animal feed and fish feed.
  • Production of bioactive compounds from plant and microalgae.
  • Mechanism of biosynthesis regulation of bioactive compounds from plant and microalgae.
  • Mechanism of action of bioactive compounds from herbal plant and microalgae on animal cells.
  • Production of functional medicine for antiaging, antidiabetic, anticancer from herbal plant and mushroom, microalgae.

3. Laboratory of Enzyme and Protein Technology

  • Isolation and identification high enzyme production microorganisms.
  • Application on using enzyme from microorganism for treatment environment pollution, aquaculture, enhance food storage and processing, and produce bio-fertilizer.
  • Production and application of recombinant microbial enzymes.
  • Identification and qualification metabolism of production pathway of enzyme from microorganism
  • Enzyme structure, modeling and characterization.
  • Enzyme immobilization and bio-functional membrane.
  • Optimization fermentation technology and processing for enzyme and protein production.
  • Knock out technology for bacterial and study the gene function.
  • Microbial safety analysis on food and vegetable and GAP guideline for agricultural application.

4. Laboratory of Mircrobiology and Fermentation Technology

  • Isolating and identifying of high value microorganisms for using in agriculture, food industry, environmental treatment and medicine.
  • Selecting of highly active microorganisms for applying in environmental pollutant and aquaculture treatment, food processing.
  • Studying and applying of probiotic and prebiotic bacteria in complementation food for animal and aquatic culture.
  • Producing of bioproducts for disease resistance of plant and animal.
  • Developing and optimizing of fermentation processing for producing value materials form microorganisms.
  • Isolating and selecting of enzyme, antibiotic producing microbial strains and developing of fermentation process for producing industrial enzyme, antibiotic from microorganisms using in food industry and medicine.
  • Improving and optimizing of traditional fermentation techniques and producing of traditional fermentation products.
  • Fermenting of new food products from available agricultural products favorite with current testes.
  • Applying of new materials in immobilization of value microorganisms and enzyme in metabolism to produce new active products using in medicine, agriculture, industry and environmental protection.

5. Laboratory of Immunology and Vaccine

  • Study on cellular immune response and serum immunity on live stock animal.
  • Identification and isolation of emergency diseases on live stock animal.
  • Development recombinant antigens for vaccination.
  • Development of immunology therapy.
  • Production of chicken egg antibody.
  • Development and production of high quality diagnostic kits for fast detection diseases on live stock animal.
  • Production high quality food from pigs and chickens.