1. Laboratory of Gene Technology

– Production of biological products using recombinant DNA technology for agricultural.

– Gene expression regulation in plant and microorganisms.

– Biodiversity of valuable genetic resources.

– Conservation and propagation of valuable medicine plants.

– Production of bioactive compounds based on plant cells tissue culture.

– QTL analysis and mapping of interest traits in crops.

– Development of markers and gene-based marker lined to disease resistant genes in crops.

2. Laboratory of Microbiology and Fermentation Technology

– Isolation and identification high value microorganisms.

– Application on using microorganism for treatment environment pollution, aquaculture, enhance food storage and processing, and produce bio-fertilizer.

– Production and application of recombinant microbial enzymes.

– Identification and qualification metabolism of production pathway of high value from microorganism.

– Production of recombinant microorganism and application in industry.

– Production bio-products against pathogenic microorganism in plant and animal.

– Optimization fermentation technology and processing using microorganism.

3. Laboratory Immunology and Vaccine

– Isolation of pathogen microorganisms in livestock and aquatic animals.

– Isolation high value microorganisms for feeding and environmental treatment of livestock.

– Extraction antibody from egg yolk for treatment and prevention diseases affected on chickens, pigs and fish.

– Recombinant expression in Escherichia coli.

– Development high quality diagnostic kits for fast detection such as ELISA, immunochromatography, recombinant vaccines.

– Production antibody using for prevention and treatment of PED (Porcine epidemic diarrhoea), TGE (Transmissible gastro enteritis) in pig, coccidiosis in chickens,…

4. Laboratory of Cell Technology

– Study on in vitro propagation of high value medicinal plants.

– Selection highly stresses tolerance cell lines (drought tolerance, flood tolerance, salt tolerance …) and none-disease plants.

– Production of algae biomass as functional food, feeding for livestock animal and aquaculture.

– Production of high value bioactive compounds and biofuel from microalgae.

– Study on mechanisms of biosynthesis of bioactive compounds in plant and microalgae.

– Study of harmful algae and their toxins.

5. Center for Incubation and Techonology Transfers

– Study and apply scientific and technological subjects in the direction of applying to made products to commercialization.

– Proceeding to register intellectual property and circulation of products in Vietnam.

– Reproduction  marine and brackish water fish which species have high economic value (Rabbit fish, Terapon jarbua, seabream,…) and freshwater fish (rice field eel, frog, catfish, loach,…).

– Products: Antibiotics, bio-probiotic for aquatic animal.