1. Functions:

Basic scientific research and application in the field of biotechnology, development of background technologies and application of background technologies to create valuable scientific products contributing to the socio-economic development. Assembly; incubation and transfer of technology; To provide and supply scientific and technological services according to the demands of the society; commercialization of products; training and associate doctoral degree in biology, biotechnology and related fields with units inside and outside Hue University to provide human resources for high technology.

  1. Tasks

2.1. Scientific research

a/ To participate in the selection and implementation of scientific and technological subjects, projects and programs at all levels in the field of biotechnology and related fields;
b/ Organizing basic research and application in life sciences and source technologies; research and application of source technology, gene and cell technology, protein / enzyme, microbiology, biochemistry … in medicine, marine biology, agriculture, fisheries, processing industry and environment;
c/ Analyzing, testing and evaluating biosafety and commodity products of genetically modified organisms, genetic specimens and products of genetically modified organisms;
d/ Exploitation and development of precious and rare animal and plant genetic resources for agro-forestry-fishery and pharmaceutical production;
e/ To develop bio-technologies in association with new material technologies and information technology in order to automate hi-tech production models applied to agriculture, processing industry and environmental protection.

2.2. Nursing and technology transfer

a/ To create technologies for creation of scientific products in service of socio-economic development; business incubation;
b/ Development and transfer of advanced biotechnology models in the Central and the country;
c/ Organizing the transfer of scientific and technical advances and transfer of hi-tech models in aquatic products, agricultural and agricultural product processing and food technology to production units of various compositions different economics.

2.3. Commercialization

a/ To cooperate with enterprises, production and business establishments in organizing the trial production of research subjects capable of commercializing and supplying scientific products to the market through scientific enterprises. and technology;
b/ To sign scientific research contracts and technology transfer contracts with units and production establishments of the society.

2.4. Providing and supporting consultancy services

a) To provide policy support, create a legal framework, appropriate mechanisms, provide materials and information on technology markets in order to create conditions for nurseries and science and technology enterprises to develop sustainably. To operate smoothly and efficiently;
b) Providing technical services: consultancy on survey, design, construction and installation of technical equipment and systems;
c) Assisting member units of Hue University to transfer and commercialize scientific research products;
d) Providing support services to establish intellectual property rights for individuals and organizations of Hue University and other units in need.

2.5. Training, training and fostering activities

a/ To organize doctoral training, participate in university and postgraduate training in biology, biological technology and related majors;
b/ Organizing short-term training activities, training and fostering according to social demands, organizing scientific conferences and seminars, introducing new technology exhibitions;
c) Cooperate with universities, institutes and research centers at home and abroad for scientific research and training of high quality human resources.

2.6. Providing scientific and technological services

a/ To build a center for scientific and technological services and transfer biotechnology as a core for the central region; Incubator services;
b/ To provide scientific and technological services, exploitation and use of natural resources and resources for socio-economic development; projects, joint programs, trial production, technical development, services; transfer and receive technology from domestic and foreign units and receive international cooperation projects; To carry out production, business and service activities at the request of the society.
c/ To build and develop scientific and technological research funds on the basis of the State and local policies and policies on scientific and technological development, and advise organizations and individuals To borrow scientific research capital.

2.7. Organizing the apparatus, recruiting, managing, building and fostering the contingent, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of officials and laborers.

2.8. Decide to invite and sign contracts with experts, scientists at home and abroad.

2.9. To manage and ensure the rights and interests of learners.

2.10. Mobilizing, managing and using resources; to build and strengthen facilities, equipment investment as decentralized by Hue University.

2.11. Perform other duties and powers assigned by Hue University and in accordance with the law.